Black Market Moving - Not Closing. Moving.

Photo by Jason Cook on    Flickr   .

Photo by Jason Cook on Flickr.

Thank you to everyone who got in touch today, following some misreporting regarding our dear landlord, Black Market Vintage! It’s true that there are some changes coming, but all that’s been confirmed so far is:

  • Black Market is moving out of their current address (256 Queen Street West)

  • They’ll be moving into their new home across the street (347 Queen Street West)

  • A business changing addresses doesn’t mean it’s closing in any way, no matter which journalism school you went to.

But hey, you’ve gotta get those clicks, right?

We’ll hopefully have more actual news soon, including where our shop stands in all of this. But as stated in the press release that Black Market sent out, their move will be wrapped by the end of June.