Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins in Toronto

Photo: Craig Mailman ( Instagram )

Photo: Craig Mailman (Instagram)


Thanks to Billy Corgan for his shout-outs to some local attractions while The Smashing Pumpkins were in Toronto, including It's Alive by Kirk Hammett at Royal Ontario Museum and, would you believe it, our shop! (See the screenshot of his Instagram Story below.)

Look, I know we live in an age where if there’s no photo/video then it didn’t happen, but record shops can’t bother every musician who comes in for a photo op or autograph. And sometimes the staff working only has a cell phone from 2003. But for what it’s worth, Mr. Corgan said we have a great shop (his words), compared Rob to Jack Kerouac and bought, among others, a record by James Taylor, who the Pumpkins actually ended up covering at their Budweiser Stage show.

Anyway, we’re going to file this visit with the similarly undocumented one by ASAP Rocky - he came in and bought stuff, we swear!